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Volume 6 Issue 8 Paper 1
Implications of ChatGPT on Teaching and Education
Khalid Mohammed A Althawbani
Email: k3lid.07@gmail.com
ChatGPT, developed by Open AI, was introduced on 30th November 2022. Since then, there had been numerous papers discussing its merits and demerits related to its use in teaching and education. This paper undertook a review of the implications of ChatGPT on teaching and education. A search of Google Scholar yielded 17 papers for this review. Most papers followed the general pattern of describing ChatGPT, its advantages and disadvantages, some examples of its use or misuse and suggestions on how it can be used in teaching and education. Generally, the advantages overweigh the disadvantages. Hence, most papers recommended its adoption by students, teachers, and academic institutions. To reduce its harmful effects, ChatGPT should be used as a human-AI collaboration rather than a competition. Both students and teachers should use this as initial input to generate ideas and develop further using manual methods. Journals should accept ChatGPT as a method of research. Governments should enact laws to prevent its harmful use to the public. International collaborations for the development of guidelines are necessary.
Keywords: ChatGPT, Education, Teaching, Review

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