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Author Guidelines
Submission Criteria
All submissions to the Global Journal of Education and Training must meet the below criteria to be eligible to be published. Potential authors are advised to adhere to these criteria closely.
Any submission must necessarily be an original work intended to be published at the Global Journal of Education and Training. It must not be under consideration to be published at any other journal or published elsewhere previously.
All submissions must adhere exactly to the submission guidelines provided on this website.
All submissions the Global Journal of Education and Training must undergo a double-blind peer review process. Under this, the submitted item is reviewed by two individuals and then approved, or not, for publishing. Reviewers may also recommend changes. If these changes are made by the author, the same reviewer will then review the revised manuscript. Once found acceptable, the piece can be published. Expected time for
the review process is up to two weeks.
Once a submission is approved for publishing, all listed authors will be contacted with the publication date.
Publication Fee
Once your manuscript has been approved for publishing, a publication fee is required at an amount of USD 200. The fee may be waived for extraordinary circumstances.
As the Journal is an e-journal, there will be no hard copies available.
It is important to note that authors of submissions that have been approved for publication in the Global Journal of Education and Training retain the copyright to their work, with the caveat that the Journal has the first rights to publish. If the submission is subsequently reproduced in part or whole elsewhere, it is beyond the purview of the Global Journal of Education and Training and its publishers. Any liabilities or damages that may arise from subsequent use of any works published in the Journal are not the responsibility of the publishers; and in any legal action brought about by the authors in this regard, the Journal shall not bear any responsibility.
Submission Guidelines
Any submitted manuscript must be in standard American or British English.
Submitted manuscripts must be in Word Document format.
Manuscripts submitted cannot exceed 25 pages, with Times New Roman Font sized 12 with single spacing. This must include all references and footnotes for the manuscript.
Terms and Conditions
Submitted manuscripts must contain an indication that all submitting authors have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions for the Global Journal of Education and Training, as provided on this website.
Submitted manuscript’s main text must not contain the name or affiliation of any of the authors.
Title Page
The manuscript must contain a separate title page, appearing before the main text, containing the title of the submission (in brief and without any abbreviations or acronyms); the names and affiliations of the author or authors (including full name, full postal address of research location, contact information including postal address, phone number and contact email ID); in the case of multiple authors, a corresponding author who has been designated as the contact point with the journal through all stages of submission and review (with full contact information as indicated previously); and the information of any supporting or sponsoring individual, institution and organization that is relevant to the submitted research.
Submitted manuscripts must contain a brief abstract of no more than 200-300 words which must explain the objective, methodology, results and conclusions of the research. It must be concise and comprehensive and must not contain any references unless it is essential. In the event references are used in the abstract, they must be provided in full and must not appear in the final references list.
Keywords are necessary for the submitted manuscript and are to follow the abstract. A maximum of eight keywords are accepted and these must not contain plural terms or multiple concepts.
Tables and Figures
Any tables or figures used in the manuscript must not be presented separately, and instead must be in the main text. Figures and tables must be formatted according to the latest APA style.
References must strictly adhere to the latest APA style format, details of which can be found here. All references cited in the main text must appear in the list of references provided at the end, and vice versa. If your manuscript cites any unpublished text or results or uses any communications that are personal, they cannot appear in the list of references and can appear only in the main text. In case any of the unpublished texts have been accepted for publication, they can be cited along with the phrase ‘in press’. Arrangement of the reference list must be alphabetical and then chronological, as necessary. In case the manuscript contains multiple references from the same author, published in the same year, they can be indicated using alphabets (‘a’, ‘b’, etc.) that follow the year of publication.