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Volume 6 Issue 2 Paper 1
Current status of ICT policies for education of gifted
students in Australia
Hanan Abdulaziz Qusadi
Email: Hanan202731@gmail.com
The aim of this paper was to critically evaluate the current status of ICT policies for education of gifted students in Australia. The research utilises a document analysis methodology. Relevant policy documents and research articles on critical evaluation of Australian ICT policies for education of gifted students were collected and analysed.

Giftedness has varied definitions. Nature of giftedness also varies. Therefore correct identification of nature and level of giftedness requires use of more than one method. Giftedness needs education programmes specifically designed for them to develop into talents of full potential. ICT can play a major role here. Australia has definite policies for education of gifted students. However, Australian policy documents on education of gifted children rarely mention ICT policies related to it. Many elements of these policies imply use of ICT as facilitation factors. Research articles criticise the inadequacies of sufficient ICT policies for gifted children in rural and remote locations, especially as they concern Aboriginals and thus violate the principles of equity in education. STEM students include gifted students; but their performance in international tests had been declining. This is also an indication of the inadequacies of Australian policies for education of gifted students on STEM subjects. ICT policies can provide solutions to these problems to a great extent.

Inadequacies of teacher development programmes to prepare them for catering to the specific learning needs of gifted students have also been pointed out. All these show that, although a lot has been achieved, there is still a long way to go.

Some limitations experienced in connection with this paper have been pointed out.
Keywords: Gifted student education, Australian ICT policies, document analysis

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