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Volume 4 Issue 4 Paper 1
Female Education in the Middle East – Closing the Gap
Lobna Abdulsalam Mohammed
The aim of this paper is to review the available literature on women’s education in the Middle East. In order to do this, open source articles from Google Scholar were used. An attempt was made to select recent studies that analyse the trends in education and especially those that assess the narrowing of the gender disparity in this region. Using a set of criteria, approximately 500 scholarly works were initially analysed and then reduced to a smaller number which were explored in detail. It was found that while governments in this region have made an effort to increase the enrolment and retention of girls in school across countries in the Middle East, however, a corresponding effort has not been made to invest in the quality of education being imparted. While it is encouraging to see that the increasing numbers of girls are being educated, there is a need felt for greater government investment to ensure that those who are educated are also employable.

Keywords: Female Education, Middle East, Gender Gap and School Enrolment

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