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Volume 4 Issue 12 Paper 1
Cybersecurity in E-learning Systems
Alhumaidi Alderaan.
Computer Trainer, Aljouf Technical College,
Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), Saudi Arabia
Email: a.alderaan@outlook.com
This paper aimed to review the challenges and issues related to cyber security in e-learning systems. A Google Scholar search yielded 18 papers for review. These were discussed in various sections. The review helped to appreciate the complexity of e-learning systems and their dependence on the internet makes them vulnerable to cyber security threats. Especially, as e-learning became the new normal due to the impact of the covid pandemic, this risk still exists and increasing. Despite all the advantages of e-learning, since it uses the internet, e-learning systems are prone to cyberattacks. The review also informed about the types of cyber-attacks on e-learning systems, solutions to the challenges of cyber security, models and frameworks of cyber-attacks and security issues and the benefit-cost aspect.

Keywords: Cybersecurity, e-learning systems, review of literature

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