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Volume 2 Issue 9 Paper 1
Impact of Effective Collaboration and Consultation: Insights for Educators
Abdullah Saad Alshalawi
Flinders University, Australia
This study aims to show the impact of effective collaboration and consultation, especially in education. People cannot live in life without help from each other. In Arabian countries, it is widespread that people ask about what they should do and how and when they must do something because they are seeking a person who could give those tips. Arabic culture also considers the feeling is essential when you would give anyone consultation, and Arabs tend to use a piece of oral advice are more than written advice. This is just one style of the consultation, but every civilizations and nation have different styles of how they use the consultation and all human use it and they need it. People need help and tips in different aspects in their lives such as psychological, social, economic, health and education aspects. Therefore, collaborative consultation has been given for people since an old-time to help, support them and give them a guide to solve their issues. This study found that definition of collaboration and collaborative consultation and their limitations. This also discusses the useful and ineffective collaboration and collaborative consultation and presents a plot to demonstrate the key steps towards an effective collaborative consultation. This study hope will benefit educators.

Keywords: Collaboration, Consultation, Education, Arabic Culture

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